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Refresh Your Mani Like An Expert Using Press-On Nails, Here’s How

Refresh Your Mani Like An Expert Using Press-On Nails, Here’s How

Dressing up your nails is like a power-up for your body’s busiest workers a.k.a. your hands. It has the same effect as swiping on red lipstick or wearing a good pair of heels.

However, not everyone has the steadiest fingers to do their nails themselves. Chipping your nails just when they’re freshly painted also doesn’t result in the most satisfying feeling. Good thing press-on nails exist to give us the most gorgeous ‘tips minus the extra work. But how exactly do they work and how can you apply them like a pro?

Advantages of press-on nails

Aside from the pros mentioned above, press-on nails are a breeze to apply and come in a variety of designs that look like they’re done in a professional nail salon. You can go for standard one-colour sets, mattes, bejewelled pieces, and so on.

Longevity is also a plus since these can last up to three weeks to over a couple of months depending on your press-on nails and adhesive quality. You can even reuse some press-on nails if you’re careful using them.

If a press-on falls off, you can just easily put it back on in under 10 seconds as long as you have your nail adhesive on hand.

Ready to level up your mani using press-on nails? Here’s how to do it.

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